Optimation (Optimization + Automation)

Test the right things and test things right! Valugenix believes that key success in business comes with test effectiveness followed by efficiency. Value is unlocked by leveraging the power of tools and automating the right tests.

We offer two solutions here:

Evomation – Evolve existing automation

Nuovomation – Automate from scratch


Here analyze the automation already done, issues faced by team in maintaining the scripts and ROI seen from management. The goal is to identify the right tests to automate and ensure the benefit of automation is felt throughout the software engineering life cycle. We leverage open source tools for automation, fine-tune the automation framework, rewrite required components and ensure the existing automation is back with accelerated growth in automation percentage. Moreover we ensure scripts are maintainable and well documented to sustain growth and maintenance.


Here we start from scratch. First we identify the right tests to automate and come up with the right approach to automate, design and implement the framework, develop and develop automated scripts with well-defined milestones.  

Key benefits:
  • Best return on investment (ROI) for automation initiative in the organization
  • Reduced cycle-time for test execution
  • Better test coverage even with squeezed schedule in each cycle of testing
  • Reduce defect escapes to production

More releases per year on planned basis increasing revenue realization from product release