EPIC – Education Project Industry Connect

 In the current trend there are many engineers and MCA students coming out of institutions. It appears like supply seems to be more than required. The organizations are very careful in selecting their team. Earlier they were selecting academically very successful students and train them on required skills before allocating them the actual work.  Now the business demand more speed to have right engineers on project.  Therefore already acquired skills have more value along with the marks. 

Who should look at this product?

This product is designed to address the needs of graduating students, educational institutes and the software industry providing first employment to young graduates.

Students: They are looking for acquiring industry expected skills and complete a project as required by universities

Educational institute: They look for good partnership with industry experts so that their outgoing students get good job offers so that they are able to attract bright students to admission every year

Software industry:  They like to see that some basic skills already in students so that they are productive from first week.


We understand that this entire program has to run with partnership from academics leaders and industry technology leaders. There is an advisory board formed with leaders from academics and industry guiding this program. Starting from the objectives of this program and reviewing the success they are involved. There will be constant feedback taken from the board and incorporated so that success is guaranteed to all consumers of this product.

Key features

Choose the technology they like

The final year students are shortlisted for this program and given a chance to select the areas of their interest to choose from the list of technology focused for getting educated further and complete a project applying the skills picked up during education. 

Project definition and approval from guide

The project involving the skills developed during educating sessions are defined and discussed with academic guide to ensure the project meets university accepted norms.

Project commencement, guidance and review

The students will start the project with a very clear published plan. There will be external guide supporting students to clarify any technology hurdles. The periodic review of each milestone will be done formally involving academic guide, industry guide and respective students in project.

Project report and certification

ValueGenix consultants will certify that students acquired specific skills set needed by software industries and completed the project as expected on reviewing the project report submitted by students.  

Key Benefits:
  • Students will acquire industry expected skills and ready to contribute to projects assigned to them
  • Project as expected from university standards and guidelines will be completed on-time
  • Increase percentage of successful students in the institute
  • Industry will get right talent on-board with less investment on training them again